Essential things you should know about cold storage panels

by Gary Fain

Wall panels are materials used for protection and decorative purposes, but they can be used as heat and sound insulation elements in various facilities. They can also be used as decorative elements and partitioning tools in industries and residential facilities. Wall panels can also be used in cold storage facilities where cold storage panels are used. Cold storage panels are applied in walk-in refrigerators and low-temperature warehouses. Look at the rest of the article to read more about these products.

What are the roles of cold storage panels?

Below are reasons why you need cold storage panels in your facility:

1· Preventing products from going bad

One of the main areas where cold storage panels are used is in the food industry. In this area, freezing temperatures are required to keep foods fresh while in storage. These panels are used to ensure that the cold temperatures are maintained, and there is no chance for the food to go bad. This can be said especially for foods and vegetables, among other perishable foods. They also allow the facility operators to manage the temperatures within the storage facilities.

2· Minimize loses

In cold storage facilities, temperature plays a significant role in the efficiency and quality of the products stored. Therefore, any temperature malfunctions could result in substantial product losses. The product losses, in turn, cause significant financial losses. For this reason, cold storage facilities use cold panels to minimize their losses.

What materials are used to make cold storage panels

These panels are usually made from materials with low thermal conductivity. The materials also have to be waterproof and resistant to flames and low temperatures. Most of these panels are made from more than one material. For this reason, sandwiched panels are commonly applied as cold storage panels.

Sandwiched panels are protection products made from three or more materials. The outer and inner materials are usually made from stainless steel or any other metal, while the middle fabric is the insulation. This is also the case with cold storage panels.

How to choose the best cold storage panel

When choosing the best panel for your cold storage facility, you must consider the type of material. The material significantly influences the effectiveness of the panel. It also impacts its lifespan and resistance to elements like corrosion, rust, and abrasion. The other element you must consider is the application of the panel. The area where you wish to apply the panel will guide you to the best product type. It will also help you select the best cold storage brand.

Applications of cold storage panels

Below are areas where cold storage panels are highly applied;

  • Warehouses
  • Walk-in freezers
  • Food and beverage processing facilities
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities

The applications of cold storage panels are not limited to the ones mentioned above. The products can be applied in several other industries where cold temperatures are required.


Cold storage panels help provide superior insulation in areas where cold storage is required. They can be used for internal and external walls as well as roofing insulation. However, it is worth noting that their brand and structure can influence the installation flexibility of the panels.

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