A potential COVID-19 treatment with Vulcanchem

by Gary Fain

with coronavirus on the rise, companies and professionals are looking to devise a vaccine. Vulcanchem is an international platform that works with market leaders and innovative industries to produce chemical solutions. They have always been keen to keep up with the latest trends and needs, which is why they are investigating a list of potential compounds. Let’s look:

Coronavirus disease

The novel virus has caused the illness that is called Coronavirus disease that has spread worldwide within a year. The severe acute respiratory effects that come with the illness are among the toughest challenges faced by the medical community with multiple casualties. With such grave consequences, food companies, global industries, and hospitals are trying to find a cure.

The leading cause of the virus is through airborne, which means that the water droplets that spread if a person inhales others cough, sneeze, etc. They also spread with touch or any physical contact with an infected person from the eyes, mouth, and nose. The best way is to practice social distancing and keep yourself safe with masks.

Recovery time:

On 23 January, the authorities in china reported that the epidemic, which was spreading till then, peaked and continued to decrease after the second February. Till then, the generic composition of the virus did not change, but with time it generally mutated. The virus’s introductory fatality rate is between 2% and 4% in some parts of China, while it is around 0.7% in other countries like Italy. The average time of recovery from a mild infection is approximately two weeks and while critical conditions can result in a 5 to 6-week interval.

A potential solution:

With Vulcanchem, you have it all; the highly trained professionals, the top-notch equipment, and state of the art labs to find the cure. To make this simple, the company has come up with an array of compounds in collaboration with the scientific community. They are investigating and testing these compounds with versatile experiments that also revolve around clinical studies. The combinations are well researched with the approval of industry giants and medical professionals in each phase. VulcanChem has the ability to provide high quality machinery and manufacturing capability to make the immense quality of products. They focus on critical areas of potential solutions to create fast, affordable solutions like these coronavirus compounds.

Drugs to treat COVID-19:

within the race to find a potential COVID-19 treatment, a complex study has managed to come up with 21 drugs. The drugs are already in the finished state and may help stop the spread of the virus. The primary mechanism is that the chemicals stop the replication of SARS-CoV-2, which initially causes the illness.

The whole process revolves around the analysis of numerous drugs already in the market. The analysis was done on around 12000 drugs from which they managed to get 100 with desirable properties. Out of the 100, twenty-one has excessive reservoirs to achieve safety. Four of the drugs work well with a specific treatment that has already been used to help slow the spread of the illness. The pharmacokinetic properties of each chemical have incredible binding composites with the potential to prove successful.

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