What you need to know about Milling Aluminum

by Gary Fain

For modern manufacturers, there will always be a need to create and produce parts fast without wasting a lot of time. As a manufacturer, there will always be a need to create components in the best and most accurate way. That is why milling aluminum is widely endorsed. For this reason, people are in constant search for tips for milling aluminum.

It’s the perfect way to get good and accurate prototypes.  

A lot of people love aluminum for certain obvious reasons. The main ones are its lightweight and durable characteristics. Using aluminum to create prototypes requires a technique known as milling aluminum.

When it comes to the CNC aluminum milling method, the most widely used and efficient is the High-speed milling method created by one of the best companies in China, WAYKEN Rapid Manufacturing.

In this article, we will give you four reasons why High-Speed milling is the best for aluminum machining and tips for milling aluminum completely hassle-free.

  • All your tools have longer life span.

Isn’t this great? When you choose to go for High-speed Aluminum milling, the speed of the cut is always larger, and in most cases, the tool wear will always be pronounced. When you start using High-speed milling, you will discover that the cutting temperature is way lower and the strength of the material will be higher.

It is important to note that when you are machining aluminum, the aluminum material is usually very soft. When you do not use High-Speed cutting, the tool sharpness decreases which in turn, decreases in the tool life.

Our Tips: To improve the life of your tools, you need to always ensure that you use high-speed milling that helps reduce the temperature.

  • High Precision.

Did you know that when you use the High-speed milling, you get the best precision that you need? This is because the cutting edge and the velocity of the tool are higher. Vibration is also lower on the High-speed Milling machine because of the little force it has while cutting.

Our Tips: If you want to get the best results in terms of precision, and getting your milling aluminum jobs done right, then the High-speed milling is the right choice for you.

  • The presence of coolants.

In a High-Speed Milling machine for Aluminum, there is a coolant to help the machine whenever the temperature goes too high. However, it is important to note that not all High-speed milling machines come with coolants because most of the =m do not expect the machine to be active for so long and overheat.

Our Tips: It is best you opt-in for a machine with the best coolants that will prevent the milling machine from getting burnt over time.


Here, you can see that having the right High-speed machining will give you the best results when it comes to the preparation of aluminum. It is a very productive way of manufacturing parts and custom prototypes for big clients. WAYKEN High-Speed Milling machine is the best solution for you when you need to get jobs like this done.

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