What is The Importance of a Contactor

by Gary Fain

A contactor is a switching device that is electrically controlled. It is used to switch an electric circuit on and off. It is considered to be a particular type of relay. This device is commonly used for controlling motors. Note, contactors can also be called inductors. There are different types of inductors, and each type has its own set of features, capabilities, and applications. It has three crucial components, namely the coil, enclosure, and contacts. But note, there are three different types of contactor, namely the knife blade, manual controller, and magnetic. The knife blade was the first device that was invented in the late 1800s. It was the first-ever that was used to control electric motors. When the sword became a potential threat, it was advanced to a manual controller. For more details, you can check on the 100amp contactor. From this context, we are going to discuss the significance of a contactor.

The Significance of a Contactor.

Are used for motor control

Motor control gear is one of the fundamental parts of electrical distribution and utilization systems. In its purest form, it might be a direct on-line-starter consist of a switching device. The switching tool that is used as a starter in motor control is called the a.c. Air-break contractor. It consists of contact actuated by electromagnetic action. The switching device’s rating depends on the size, shape, and material of the connections and the efficiency of the arc extension method used. The latest contractor uses a silver alloy contact tip, ordinarily silver-cadmium oxide attached to a brass.

Circuit Breakers

It is a device that stands on its own as a power control or a part of a starter. That is used to connect and break power supply lines running through power lines. It is used in light loads and sophisticated machine control; they are also used in transformers and heaters. It is referred to as an intersection point between the control unit and the power.

Safety and Reliability

Electromagnetic components are non-repairable, which gives those components to be built with excellent materials that minimize the failure rate. They also consist of programmable electronic control systems. The most crucial feature of contact-relevant switchgear continues to be the electrical isolation provided by the contacts. This electrical isolation ensures that isolated conductors are free on the output side.

Applicable in Electric Vehicles

A contactor can be between an electric vehicle battery system and the inverter. Thus, in the event the vehicle system stop running, a contactor will acts as an isolation part, and when the vehicle is running, the same contactor serves as a connection. When the engine fails, the energy storage system can be safely separated from its electrical system and function as a breaking circuit.

Applicable for Charging Pile

When an indicator is closed, the charging pile and automobile are connected; when disconnected, the connection between charging collection and the outside is isolated to give a safety protection function.


From the above context, you can see how contractors play a vital role in our technology and everyday life. They range from the types that break several amperes current to several thousand amperes and many kilovolts subject on your need and applicability.

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